MM Squonk Bottle

Box Mod Mafia

$ 5.00

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We are pleased to offer the Mod Maker Squonk Bottle.

It comes with a soft thin wall bottle, a stainless steel knurled cap, a length of 4mm OD x 2mm ID silicone tubing and a silicone washer.

The washer probably won't be need but we have included it just in case your lid doesn't seal 100% with the bottle. Our test have not shown this to happen but it's there just in case. Simply place inside the lid before screwing the cap onto the bottle.

The bottle holds 8.5ml of juice but less when the hose is inside the bottle and yes we have measured the capacity :)

To insert the hose simply cut the end at a 45 degree angle and twist through the hole. It is a reasonably tight fit and provides a very good seal.


We will also modify the bottle cap to accept 5mm OD tubing for an additional $2